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Hoarding Advertising | Outdoor Advertising

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Hoarding Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Media, Billboard 2019,

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Rate: 90,000-2,50,000 (as per discussion)

COMMITMENT powered by krooy.com Fair stall ( 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/- rate per Square feet )

(minimum Quantity- 64 to 1,00,000 Square feet )

* Only for Commercial & Corporate

* Minimum Order start from 1,00,000/-

Exhibition Stall Fabrication Kiosk Pavilion Trade Fair Stall

Budget Start From 1,50,000/- to 7,00,000/-

We provide Office & Export delivery also

Whats up, Viber, Imo, Skype, +8801611 400040

e-mail: commitmentarc@gmail.com

web: www.krooy.com

Fair stall ( 950/-, 1200/-, 1500/-, 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/- rate per Square feet )

(minimum Quantity- 64 to 1,00,000 Square feet )

* Only for Commercial & Corporate

* Minimum Order start from 1,50,000/-

8’x8’= 64 sft. x 950/- = 60,800/- (Minimum budget to 1,30,000/-)

8’x16′ = 128 sft. x 950/- = 1,21,600/- ( Minimum budget to 2 lac)

20’x42′ = 840 sft. x 450/- = 4,62,000/- ( Minimum budget to 8 lac)

20’x80′ = 1600 sft. x 350/- = 5,60,000/- ( Minimum budget to 10 lac)

We take our artwork seriously and have branched into Interior Designing services also.

Our aim is to make the world around us as effective and captivating as possible.

Our designers will turn small spaces into beautifully designed and utility based enclosures.

Exhibition Stall Design

We can make a small exhibition stall space into a power packed display area.

People walking by will be attracted to your stall thanks to the ingenuity of

our designers. We can decorate the stall with posters specially designed for

the occasion. We can even make it theme based.

Free service: (chat any time)

What’s up, Viber, Imo, What’s call, FB messenger, Duo, Hangout, We Chat

Our Work Profile:

Thanks for your mail,

Stall size: 16’x16′ = 256 sft. x 1200/- per sft. rate = 3,07,200/- or $3840 USD ( Regular Price


Custom Rentals

Hoarding Advertising | Outdoor Advertising

No matter how large or small your business, rental exhibits can help you make a much larger impact at trade shows at a reduced initial price. When approached the right way, rental properties can make your company’s trade show presence stand out stronger than if you were to purchase a smaller space/booth. So consider the benefits of a larger space to bring in the prospect!

Our process of creating a rental rendering:

Exhibit Design Planning Questions – Trade Show Event – Dates of Show – Show City – Venue – Booth Space/Booth Size

Messaging – What is your key message to your clients? What is the personality/brand of your company? Who is the target market at this show?

Functionality – What will you be bringing to generate interaction with attendees in your booth? Are you showing or demonstrating products, or conducting live or video presentations? Is storage space required? Will any hospitality be conducted in the booth? Do you need a private conference area?

Design – What are your corporate colors and brand image as conveyed in your literature and your website? Do you have design preferences for the exhibit, such as curvy versus straight-line designs? Are there any textures or designs you want to avoid?

Budget – What is your desired budget range for this booth and what does that include (structure, graphics, shipping, storage

Why Product Buy From Commitment?: https://youtu.be/5THJ1bOBwO0

Award: https://youtu.be/8jdh_MCUrlM

Payment: Cash/ Bank cheque/

Hoarding Advertising | Outdoor Advertising


Hoarding Advertising | Outdoor Advertising

Q1. Are you media agency Company?

Ans: we are media agency Company  in Bangladesh.

Q2. What’s your payment terms?

Ans: Bank Account  we can accept.

Q3. What’s your main product?

Ans: Economical and environmental

Q4.Can I choose other configuration?

Ans: yes of course. Different product you can be chosen.

Q5. Can I use my own brand?

Ans:Yes, no problem. Both our and your brands can be used

Why Product Buy From Commitment or krooy.com? https://youtu.be/5THJ1bOBwO0

Visiting Card: https://youtu.be/Fh1Mc9JoSKI

Award | Recognition: https://youtu.be/8jdh_MCUrlM

Our Honorable Customer List: https://youtu.be/j3GNdKNeKCw

Profile Expo Stall | Billboard | Police Box | Signboard | SS Steel | Thai Glass: https://youtu.be/0Vm10jc_QAY

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/zahidhasancommitmentarc/videos

Google Business: https://commitmentevent.business.site/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krooybd/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/commitment_arc/

Dailymotion: https://www.dailymotion.com/commitmentkrooy

Facebook(Commitment): https://www.facebook.com/commitment01

Linkedin(Commitment): https://www.linkedin.com/in/commitment-architect-228167a0/

Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Commitment-Architect

Google Map: https://g.page/Event_Management_Expo_Stall?share


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