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Taste enhancer whice gives umami flavouor/taste.It’s replacer of monosodium glutamate/testing salt.

dosages: 15 to 18 timees less than MSG/testing salt. tt’s 100%safe for human health.

MOQ: 10(Kg)

country of  Origin: Thailand

Price per unit/kg:  2000

Many food ingredients, including monosodium glutamate (MSG), NaCl, and sweeteners have been termed ‘taste enhancers’ but their main effect is simply to add more molecules that generate additional taste or smell sensations. Tastants such as MSG, salt, and sweeteners don’t actually boost other chemosensory properties but rather contribute additional meaty/savory, salty, or sweet properties respectively.


Tartaric acid (C4H6O6) is a white crystalline organic acid that can be recovered from winemaking by-products especially wine lees. It is used in many bakeries, food, and pharmaceuticals industries as an acidification agent, taste enhancer, and antioxidant (Kontogiannopoulos et al., 2016).

The optimization of UAE (with sulfuric acid) of tartaric acid from wine lees was conducted by means of single factor and array designs. The duration of the ultrasound treatment had the higher impact on the extraction yield, followed by the ultrasonic power, the diffusion temperature, and the time of extraction. The optimal parameters were a solid–liquid ratio of 1:3, a sulfuric acid concentration of 0.06 mol/L, an ultrasonic power of 500 W for 6 min, an extraction temperature of 75–80°C, and a duration of 15–20 min. Under the optimized conditions, 74 g/kg of tartaric acid were recovered from wine lees (Qu et al., 2014).

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