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TITLE: Bathroom design ideas you will love by Commitment 01881143453 (WHATS APP)

TYPE OF SERVICES: Bathroom Design Ideas

Rate (As per discussion) : 4,50,000/- to 20,00,000/-
Only for Commercial corporate & Export sell
Minimum Order start from 4,50,000/- to 20,00,000/-
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Product Analysis Features:

Soaking Tub
There are many different styles of soaking tubs. You will find Japanese, Asian, and Roman soaking tubs, along with many others. When buying any tub, try it out by sitting in it and making sure there is plenty of room for you.

Steam Bath
This is a top bathroom remodeling idea. It is taken right out of the spa. While people can now enjoy this luxury at home, there are a few other bathroom remodel projects that have to be done along with it:

Install floor drain
Install vapor-tight door at entrance of bathroom
Install remote fan for increased ventilation
Slope ceilings to drain condensation
Add a bench for seating

Electric Floor Heaters
Soon this rather unknown bathroom remodeling project will be super hot. Everyone has tip-toed across a cold bathroom floor before and after showers. It is a rather uncomfortable experience. With this product you will always have warm floors, and the heaters are super to install under any type of flooring material.

Gentle Rain Shower head
More and more homeowners are skipping the pulsating showerhead section of their home improvement store. Gentle rain showerheads are becoming incredibly popular. People love standing under the simulated affect of a gentle rain pour.

Bathroom Spa Accessory Ideas

Outside of the above remodelling projects, there are some affordable accessories you can buy to give yourself a spa experience.

Buy thick, high quality towels that are made of 100 percent cotton. Reserve them for when you want to have “spa days,” this way they’ll last longer.

Aromatherapy Candles
Adding a few aromatherapy candles to your bathroom is a really simple and low cost way to create a spa atmosphere. Their lovely scents will sooth your senses, and you can buy them in colors that match the color scheme of your bathroom.

Bath Oil
This is just one bath product that can transform a regular old bath. They have a soothing and skin softening affect, plus they will tickle your sense of smell.

Place a radio or cd player in your bathroom and play some soothing music.

Decorative Appliques:
If you are interested in creating a tropical look in your bathroom, there are adhesive stick on patterns that you can apply to your bathroom walls. They come in many designs and are easy to take off. You can choose from leaf accents, flower designs, and so on.

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