Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads

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Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads

Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads

Billboards are an unavoidable part of driving and can be a powerful outdoor advertising tool. Some companies may question if billboard advertising is really the right solution, but here are five major benefits that come from using striking billboard ads.


Per Squre feet 399 Taka to 999 Taka (Minimum 600sft Per Billboard, 5 to 10 to 9,999+ pcs Billboard Minimum) All over Bangladesh & World.

Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads

It’s important to note that the contact or call to action information is also as clear and as catchy as the message and advertisement itself. This means that phone numbers or websites should be easily noticeable and catchy enough for someone who is driving to remember later on in the day.



This is the most important element when it comes to billboard promotion. The location of your advert is absolutely key and is always the defining factor to whether a project is successful or not. Research your target audience and brainstorm locations in which you can best target the largest volumes of these people.

For example, if you’re a business selling a new sports-related drink, ideal advertisement spaces would be near gyms, football stadiums and other sports-related areas.



When designing your advert, always remember the purpose of your advert in every decision you make. It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting a specific product or service, increasing awareness in your business or trying to promote a call to action such as getting the public to sign up to your social media sites or another business related channel.

By placing this purpose at the forefront of your team’s minds, you’ll be able to make the best decisions when it comes to making that purpose stick with your target audience.



The primary location of billboards is on the side of the roads. This means that people in vehicles will be your main audience and the majority of them will be travelling past your advertisement at speed.


This means you’ve got to keep your design simple and to the point. Minimal words, big, attention-grabbing images and attractive colours are all good starting points when designing the perfect ad.



As with anything in the business world, the art of designing a billboard ad is a tricky one to master and it’s very rare that you’ll get it right first time. This means that you should always look for ways to improve your design to make it as effective as it can possibly be.

Try and shorten or reword your slogans. Make your image larger or more defined so it grabs more attention. Change the fonts of your contact details so they are one of the key elements. As you would when designing a product, streamline and refine your advert so it’s operating to its maximum potential.

A great tool for refining aspects of your billboard ad is Paper Fellows. This online community is full of writers and training writers that can provide vital feedback on your written content, allowing you to refine your wording and make the most of your available space.


Be Smart

Billboards are an extremely proven method of advertising that has worked time and time again and is an effective tool in any marketing campaign. Always remember when designing your board that anybody can look at it and everyone will have their own opinions. Be smart and clever with your designs ensuring you won’t cause offence and minimise the amount of negative feedback you may receive.

Cardi B Billboard 2022 | Drake Billboard | Mariah Carey Billboard

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The largest and the oldest advertising agency in Bangladesh, established in 2012 with offices in Dhaka and Chittagong, offers full-fledged in-house facilities for graphic designing and installation, of all types of outdoor, having latest generation ink-jet printers and vinyl cutting machines. Almost all-prime sites in Bangladesh belong to COMMITMENT

Facilities Offered

  • Billboards.
  • Unipole .
  • Neon Signs.
  • Tri-vision.
  • Road Signs.
  • Airport branding at Departure and Arrival


  • Electronic Display Boards.
  • Foot Over Bridge Beautification.
  • Digital Printing for Billboards.
  • Maintenance of trolleys at Dhaka, Chittagong

and Sylhet Airport.

  • Passenger Shed.
  • Road Mid-Island Beautification.
  • Installation of Fountains.

Fact Sheet

  • 1 Outdoor Advertising Company in Bangladesh
  • 30% Market Share
  • 42 Years of Experience
  • No. of outdoor sites is 1100+ in Dhaka City and 2000+ all over Bangladesh other than Dhaka city.

More Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads:

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For better product, always spend good prices, so buy a better product and stay with krooy.com.


Cell/WhatsApp/Wechat/ Viber/Imo/Messenger/: +8801881143453/ 01611400040/ mail: commitmentarc@gmail.com

Website: https://www.krooy.com/


Benefits of Electronic Billboard | Outdoor Advertising Companies | Outdoor Ads


Out of home advertising (“COMMITMENT”) is the fastest growing traditional media in ASIA – more than TV, radio, and print. COMMITMENT thrives because COMMITMENT is anything but traditional. Fueled by unrivaled vision and creativity, COMMITMENT advertising will always deliver innovative ways to help advertisers take their message further.

Out of Home Advertising is:

Real and Powerful

In a world of clicks, likes and page views, out of home advertising (“COMMITMENT”) is more of a core media buy than ever before. COMMITMENT is the real thing. It can’t be blocked, skipped or viewed by bots. COMMITMENT is always on, surrounding and immersing audiences with real, powerful, advertising, wherever consumers live, work, travel, shop and play.

Real and Creative

COMMITMENT advertising offers big, bold, powerful storytelling, and a range of formats and unique locations that deliver larger-than-life impact. New mobile, wireless, and digital COMMITMENT technologies offer creative and innovative ways to interact and transact with consumers.

Real and Relevant

COMMITMENT advertising delivers the right message, at the right time and place, to the right audience. It offers highly targeted and contextually relevant advertising based on location, demographics, consumer behavior, and even day-part.

Real and Connected

COMMITMENT uses leading-edge technology to strengthen bonds between brands and consumers, to improve targeting and ROI analysis, and to stay ahead of where consumers are heading. With connected networks and platforms, COMMITMENT advertising is a fully integrated partner in the media planning and buying ecosystem.

Real and Effective

COMMITMENT advertising drives awareness and brand affinity. It’s also a proven media amplifier, because it extends reach and frequency in integrated campaigns and is the most efficient driver of mobile, social, and digital engagement.

Embracing Change

COMMITMENT advertising today is a diverse mix of billboards, street furniture, transit, and place-based media. The medium has evolved from paper posters and hand-painted signs, to vinyl and digital billboards, to place-based displays and emerging technologies like geofencing and wireless beacons. Over the years, the only constant has been change. COMMITMENT works because COMMITMENT as an industry has always embraced change – evolving, transforming, and sometimes even disrupting, in order to stay relevant in today’s digital landscape


Why COMMITMENT is a Core Media Buy

CREATIVE: Big, bold, immersive storytelling that only COMMITMENT can deliver.

RELEVANT: Audience + Location + Data means COMMITMENT is always on target.

INNOVATIVE: Practical innovations that all advertisers, big and small, can implement and scale.

INTEGRATED: COMMITMENT amplifies other media in an integrated.

EFFECTIVE: COMMITMENT is the second fastest-growing ad medium for a reason. It delivers huge reach with superior ROI, while complementing digital impressions in the real world, closest to the point of sale.


What COMMITMENT Stands For

Creatively impactful

  • Big, bold, beautiful creative
  • Larger-than-life storytelling
  • Wide range of sizes, shapes, and formats

Contextually relevant

  • Right message, right audience, right time, right place
  • Can target by location, demographic, day-part, behavior
  • Unparalleled place-based engagement

Media amplifier

  • Dramatically extends reach and frequency
  • Most effective driver of mobile, social, and digital
  • Mass reach and viral potential make campaigns bigger


  • Real-life impact in a digital world
  • Always on
  • Can’t be blocked, skipped, or viewed by bots


  • Wireless, beacons, augmented reality, and other tech connect and engage
  • Connected digital networks and buying platforms
  • Full partner in integrated media planning


  • Geo-location, audience measurement, and advanced data analytics for better targeting, insights, and ROI


  • Customer-focused and results-driven


  • Forward-thinking, digitally native, media fluent



  • Record levels of consumer miles driven and passenger miles flown have helped make COMMITMENT the second fastest-growing ad media in the U.S. Only digital advertising has grown faster.
  • Consumers 18-64 spend more time with COMMITMENT than any other ad media except for television.
  • Though consumers spend 70% of their waking hours away from home, on average, only 5% of ad budgets are spent on COMMITMENT.
  • COMMITMENT is a highly effective local media. About 7 out of 10 COMMITMENT ads promote local businesses.
  • There are currently 6,700 digital billboards in the U.S., a 109% growth rate since 2012.
  • COMMITMENT delivers superior ROI. For every $1 spent on COMMITMENT approximately $2.80 in sales is generated, compared to $2.43 for TV and $2.41 for print.
  • COMMITMENT drives more online activity per ad dollar spent than any other traditional media. COMMITMENT is 382% more effective than TV, 200% more effective than print, and 63% more effective than radio in driving consumers online.
  • 85% of all consumers believe COMMITMENT is useful, 83% believe it is informative, and 82% say it creates jobs and stimulates the economy.

Impact of COMMITMENT Advertising – Mobile Activation

Actions taken by the consumer after viewing any COMMITMENT media in the past year:

Used online search to look up information about the advertiser 35%
Accessed a coupon or discount code 22%
Visited an advertiser’s site 22%
Downloaded or used an app shown in the ad 15%
Snapped a photo of an ad 14%

Source: Nielsen 2016; Base: Adults 16+

COMMITMENT Reaches Consumers When They Are In Active Purchase Mode

Among consumers who viewed any COMMITMENT ad in the past month:

21% visited RESTAURANT advertised
19% visited STORE advertised
9% ATTENDED event advertised
8% CALLED a phone number

Source: Nielsen

COMMITMENT Outperforms Traditional Media in Reaching Consumers in the Half-Hour Before Purchase Activities

Exposure by medium during path to purchase activities:

Source: USA Touchpoints and Reality Mine; Base: Adults 18-64

Consumers Spend More Time With COMMITMENT Than Any Medium Except TV

Source: USA Touchpoints and Reality Mine; Base: Adults 18-64


Nielsen COMMITMENT Advertising Study – Highlights

91% of U.S. residents age 16 or older who have traveled in a vehicle in the past month, noticed some form of COMMITMENT, and 79% have noticed COMMITMENT in the past week

82% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the advertising message at least some of the time; over one-third look at the billboard ad each time or almost each time they noticed one.

Source: Nielsen 2016; Base Adults 16+


Source: Peter J. Solomon Company. Estimates as of June 2015. Median values represented within each bar

COMMITMENT Produces Some of the Highest ROI’s in Advertising

Source: USA Touchpoints, 2014.1

Positive Emotions and Reach by Medium

Consumers report positive emotions in the same half-hour as 49% of COMMITMENT exposures.

Source: USA Touchpoints, 2014.1

COMMITMENT Creates Positive Associations With Consumers

Most MEMORABLE Advertising Most TRUSTWORTHY Advertising
TV – 46% TV – 28%
Out of Home – 34% Out of Home – 24%
Print – 7% Print – 22%
Online – 4% Online – 3%

Source: FEPE, Future Foundation

COMMITMENT Builds Brand Affinity at Levels Equal to TV

Number of Out of Home Displays

Billboards Street Furniture Transit Alternative
Bus Shelters
Arena & Stadiums
Digital Billboards
Urban Furniture
Bus Benches
Phone Kiosks
165,606 faces
Digital Urban Furniture
Subway & Rail
184,078 faces
Digital Place-Based/Video
1,25 million screens
Junior Posters
33,336 faces
Mobile Billboards
Interior Place-Based
Convenience Stores
Health Clubs
2,732 vehicles
Exterior Place-Based
Resorts & Leisure
Taxis/Wrapped Vehicles
Shopping Malls
Digital Transit
Digital Shopping Malls

Top 10 COMMITMENT Advertisers

Why Product Buy From Commitment?

Award of Commitment

Honorable Customer List of Commitment

Commitment Visiting Card

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